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Oxi Shot Stain Remover

June 8, 2016.SHOP INFORMATION.#cleaning

OXI SHOT STAIN & ODER REMOVER "Oxy Shot™ removes the toughest stains FAST! Our powerful oxy formula penetrates deep and fast to permanently remove the toughest pet and household stains and related odors. See the difference Oxy Shot™ can make on your stains! Product Benefits: • Eliminates the toughest pet and household stains • Effective [...]

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Urine Eliminator

June 8, 2016.SHOP INFORMATION.#cleaning

URINE ELIMINATOR INFORMATION "As pet parents we know that accidents happen. There are LOTS of cleaners out there, but none are very effective on pet stains and odors because they only clean the stains on top of the carpet, leaving the urine and odor below the surface to linger in your house. But now there’s [...]

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