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Chinese Crested Hair Color Change – chocolate


Chocolate colored Chinese Cresteds Chinese Cresteds are born in many hair and skin colors. Some families ask for very specific colors while most do not care what coloring they have since they love all Crested. For the families who have or had Cresteds, they know Chinese Cresteds are color changing artists. From birth to late [...]

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Hairless #9

November 10, 2016.CHINESE CRESTED INFORMATION.#Chinese Cresteds

HAIRLESSNESS - #9 SUPER HAIRY HAIRLESS "Is this puppy a hairless or a powderpuff? Only his breeder and groomer will know." LEVEL OF HAIRLESSNESS:  A super hairy hairless looks, with a quick glance, almost like a powderpuff. When they are born, we ask, "Is this one a super hairy hairless or a powderpuff? We'll have [...]

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