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MI KIS: Ziggy Stardust, Maisie, Mason, Crispin videos

October 16, 2017.MI KIS INFORMATION.#Mi Ki videos

These are some of the cutest Mi Ki puppies we have ever had. They have adorable faces with cute little bodies. AVAILABLE: micro teacup sized Princess Maisie AVAILABLE: micro teacup sized Prince Mason PENDING: Prince Ziggy Stardust (born Morris) to Nicole. RESERVED: Prince Marcus for Beth and family who dog sit for a family who [...]

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MI KIS: Francisco’s videos

July 5, 2017.MI KIS INFORMATION.#Mi Ki videos

dob: 10/8/15 Lady NoKA and King Cesar's tri colored long coat Mi Ki Prince At Mythic Kingdom, we like the non shedding Mi Kis, the long coats. Our puppies are bred to be 4-8 pounds as adults but many end up being under 4 pounds, very few are close to the 8 pounds and most [...]

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MI KI Puppy Videos

October 14, 2016.MI KIS INFORMATION.#Mi Ki videos

MI KI PUPPY VIDEOS Videos of our sweet Mi Ki puppies playing and being socialized by us in our home made for their families while they wait to be picked up from our home or to be hand delivered by a puppy nanny. These are just some of the videos we have made for our [...]

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