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High Energy Level Crested

October 11, 2017.CHINESE CRESTED INFORMATION.#blue eyed Chinese Cresteds

Bold, Inquisitive, and Super Loving LOW - MEDIUM - HIGH Who's the four legged kid with a zest for life? They absolutely love everyone and everything. The wind is blowing so they're happy. The bees are buzzing so they are happy. They are the playful and loving monkeys in a tiny pony body. Life is [...]

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Medium Energy Level Crested

October 11, 2017.CHINESE CRESTED INFORMATION.#Chinese Crested videos

Confident, Loving, and Playful LOW - MEDIUM - HIGH Who's the happy four legged kid with the wagging tail and ready for loving. They are curious, confident, and just like all Cresteds, they are always willing to give lots of love to their humans. They may be in the middle of play with other four [...]

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Low Energy Level Crested

October 2, 2017.CHINESE CRESTED INFORMATION.#Chinese Crested videos

Sweet, Gentle and Sensitive LOW - MEDIUM - HIGH Who's that baby with the soulful eyes? They look up at you adoringly. He or she is willing to wait their turn to be picked up or snuggled. They follow you around, happy as can be just to be near you. Their tail wags in a [...]

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Puppy Rose Garden 2017

May 17, 2017.MYTHIC KINGDOM.#Mythic Kingdom

PUPPIES AND ROSES 2017 I love flowers. And I love roses. I have never had the pleasure of raising them as all the houses I have lived in were too shady. Now, after dropping countless trees around our house and the studio building, I finally have enough sunlight so roses can be planted. The highlight [...]

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Puppy Garden Spring 2017

May 3, 2017.MYTHIC KINGDOM.#Mythic Kingdom

PUPPY GARDEN SPRING 2017 It's my favorite time of the year. The cold and shades of gray are done and the fresh greens of plants and trees are blooming. I love to be outside as much as possible so spring is always welcomed. Spring also gives our puppies an oppertunity to enjoy the outdoors too. [...]

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