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Chinese Cresteds: Noah and Norah Puppy Videos

May 28, 2018.CHINESE CRESTED VIDEOS.#powderpuff Chinese Cresteds
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Videos of our tiny sized hairless and powderpuff Chinese Crested puppies playing and being socialized by us in our home. Litter pictures of them are also taken to see the changes as they grow. Chinese Cresteds are known as the velcro dogs because they bond so deeply with their families,human and pet. Many of our [...]

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Crested: Queen Saki To Me

November 29, 2017.CHINESE CRESTED INFORMATION.#Crested growth

Mythic Saki To Me "Saki" Queen Saki To Me, "Saki," is one of our tiniest Moms at only 5 pounds. She is a powderpuff Chinese Crested bred at our home. She is out of Mythic Madonna, a very hairy hairless pink and palomino with with and brown furnishings Mom. Madonna was not bred at our [...]

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CRESTED – Powderpuff Princess Carly

November 21, 2017.CHINESE CRESTED INFORMATION.#hairless powderpuff grooming

Mythic Princess Carly Mythic Princess Carly at 9 months, May 2012 right before being adopted. Mythic Princess Carly is a gorgeous powderpuff Chinese Crested. She was born a tri color: white, black and red. Her black grew out and only the tips were left with the black. The red also faded out to a dark [...]

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Chinese Crested Hair Color Change – chocolate


Chocolate colored Chinese Cresteds Chinese Cresteds are born in many hair and skin colors. Some families ask for very specific colors while most do not care what coloring they have since they love all Crested. For the families who have or had Cresteds, they know Chinese Cresteds are color changing artists. From birth to late [...]

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Medium Energy Level Crested

October 11, 2017.CHINESE CRESTED INFORMATION.#Chinese Crested videos

Confident, Loving, and Playful LOW - MEDIUM - HIGH Who's the happy four legged kid with the wagging tail and ready for loving. They are curious, confident, and just like all Cresteds, they are always willing to give lots of love to their humans. They may be in the middle of play with other four [...]

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Low Energy Level Crested

October 2, 2017.CHINESE CRESTED INFORMATION.#Chinese Crested videos

Sweet, Gentle and Sensitive LOW - MEDIUM - HIGH Who's that baby with the soulful eyes? They look up at you adoringly. He or she is willing to wait their turn to be picked up or snuggled. They follow you around, happy as can be just to be near you. Their tail wags in a [...]

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Powderpuff’s Hair

September 11, 2017.CHINESE CRESTED INFORMATION.#Chinese Crested Grooming

POWDERPUFFS - AMOUNT AND QUALITY OF HAIR Prince Blue Jay is our model. He is 16 months in these pictures with a fresh autumn nudie hair cut. He was born with white, black and brown furnishings which has dramatically lightened up. He also has rare double multi colored eyed, known as mosaic eyes. DOUBLE MOSAIC [...]

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CRESTED: Blue Jay videos

September 10, 2017.CHINESE CRESTED VIDEOS.#Chinese Crested videos

11/12/17: Prince Blue Jay is adopted by Dawna and Jeff. Blue Jay will have a Chihuahua and an Australian Shepard sisters to play with and love also. His parents are flying in to pick him up next weekend. He will be treated like the sweet little Prince he is. We are thrilled for everyone! He [...]

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Powderpuffs: Best of All Worlds

February 5, 2013.CHINESE CRESTED INFORMATION.#powderpuff Chinese Cresteds

7 month old chocolate Chinese Crested powderpuff. POWDERPUFFS - BEST OF ALL WORLDS "Chinese Crested powderpuffs are so cute. They have such soft hair all over and are so sweet. They have a chill Crested personality but not naked.  They are the best of all worlds!" Dante P. Chinese Cresteds are not for people who [...]

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