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January 20, 2018.GET READY INFORMATION.#Bringing Puppy Home

DOG+DIVA PUPPY, YOUNG ADULT + ADULT DOG FLIGHT TRAVEL SETS Put together for each puppy's comfort during their trip home with Puppy Nanny or parents. BASIC PUPPY FLIGHT SET  Your puppy can fly home in comfort. This set includes: An airline approved flight bag which is a great all around travel carrier puppy blanket with [...]

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Puppy Dog Clothes

December 28, 2017.CHINESE CRESTED INFORMATION.#Bringing Puppy Home

DOG+DIVA CANINE BOUTIQUE FOR THE SMALLEST PETS featuring the smallest items available: 4xSMALL nano size for 1-2 pound puppies  only at DOG+DIVA 3xSMALL micro sized 2 - 3 pounds only at DOG+DIVA 1sSMALL micro-teacup sized 3-4 pounds 1xSMALL teacup sized 4-5 pounds SMALL purse sized 5-7 pounds MEDIUM miniature sized 7-9 pounds LARGE bigger toy [...]

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Puppy Food & Supplement Kits

August 15, 2016.GET READY INFORMATION.#food and supplements

ONLY THE BEST WILL DO At Mythic Kingdom, we are very serious about starting our puppies off with the very best. We have tried a lot of the top brands of food over the years. We are so pleased to have been introduced to this amazing customized pet nutrition. Like us, the are leaders in [...]

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Your Puppy Comes Home With

May 1, 2016.GENERAL INFORMATION.#Bringing Puppy Home

Every Mythic Kingdom Puppy is raised as a Princess or Prince. Each one is love by all of us at home. We raise them to be loving and adored family members. When they go home to you, they leave our home pre-spoiled four legged babies.  They also go home with the following exceptional traits and [...]

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