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Puppy Dog Clothes

December 28, 2017.CHINESE CRESTED INFORMATION.#Bringing Puppy Home

DOG+DIVA CANINE BOUTIQUE FOR THE SMALLEST PETS featuring the smallest items available: 4xSMALL nano size for 1-2 pound puppies  only at DOG+DIVA 3xSMALL micro sized 2 - 3 pounds only at DOG+DIVA 1sSMALL micro-teacup sized 3-4 pounds 1xSMALL teacup sized 4-5 pounds SMALL purse sized 5-7 pounds MEDIUM miniature sized 7-9 pounds LARGE bigger toy [...]

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Visit Us and Our Puppies

August 15, 2016.GENERAL INFORMATION.#Breeders

VISITING OUR PUPPIES AT OUR HOME We do invite every pre qualified family to visit us and our puppies. It's the best way to get to know our puppy families. They get to meet us and vice versa. There are as many types of breeders with visiting policies as there are families. 1 STAR BREEDERS [...]

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Friends of Mythic Kingdom

August 14, 2016.GENERAL INFORMATION.#puppy socialization

Friends of Mythic Kingdom Thank you to all the Mythic Kingdom Puppy Families, friends and visitors who have come to play with our puppies and socialize them. It takes a village to raise a puppy. Home of the smallest and most beautiful puppies super socialized by so many people. These are some of the people [...]

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Attractions Near Mythic Kingdom

August 2, 2016.GENERAL INFORMATION.#attractions

AIRPORTS, HOTELS & ATTRACTIONS NEAR MYTHIC KINGDOM Here is local information to guide you when you are planning your visit. New York City and Philadelphia are easy drive from us so you can always find hotels there. Airports closest to us: We have 5 major airports near us. Here are the links to the airports: Newark [...]

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Flying With Puppy Nanny

July 31, 2016.GET READY INFORMATION.#Bringing Puppy Home

PUPPY NANNY - hand delivery service Many of our families drive or fly in to pick up their puppy or puppies. But we know not every family can do this. So we offer a Puppy Nanny service. A loving human will fly with your puppy in cabin and care for your puppy until your puppy [...]

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Driving To Pick Up Your Puppy

July 31, 2016.GET READY INFORMATION.#Bringing Puppy Home

DRIVING TO PICK UP YOUR PUPPY We are located in Blairstown, NJ (Columbia, NJ mailing address) within easy drive from NYC, and other major East Coast cities. Many of our families drive in to pick up their puppies from our home. Some spend the day sightseeing in NYC or Philadelphia and then come to pick [...]

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Flying In To Pick Up Your Puppy

July 31, 2016.GET READY INFORMATION.#Bringing Puppy Home

FLYING IN TO PICK UP YOUR PUPPY You have been dreaming about your puppy. You can't wait to hold, kiss and share your life with your puppy. Soon you'll be holding your puppy in your arms and be covered in puppy love! To prepare to fly in to pick up your puppy, here is the [...]

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Our New Home

December 5, 2014.GENERAL INFORMATION.#Mythic Kingdom

December 2014: Welcome to our home!       In late 2014, we moved to to our home. We love it here. We live on 11.5 acres of wooded bliss with a year round stream with micro waterfalls and 2 bridges. Wildlife abounds and the only sounds we hear are birds, stream and the wind blowing through […]

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We Stand Out

January 1, 2005.MYTHIC KINGDOM.#Breeders

We Stand Out What makes us stand out in the world of dog breeders? What makes us so special? Well we do things the way we would want our ideal breeder to do it. We've had some good experiences with breeders. We've had a lot of bad or less than desired experiences with breeders. But [...]

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