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What makes us stand out in the world of dog breeders? What makes us so special? Well we do things the way we would want our ideal breeder to do it. We’ve had some good experiences with breeders. We’ve had a lot of bad or less than desired experiences with breeders. But we have never had the amazing experience it should be with a breeder when adopting or buying a puppy or dog. Out of all of our experiences, we are constantly evolving to be the best breeder possible. It is in our genetics to keep improving.

Here are some items that makes us unique in the breeding world:

  1. We breed for the smallest sized Chinese Cresteds and Mi Kis. We are known for the world’s smallest Cresteds with double blue, odd, green, hazel, amber, mosaic, brown and black eyes.
  2. We take a lot of time to get to know our puppy families. Our adoption process is not fast. Tim and I interview all our families over the phone several times. We get to know many of our families before puppies are even born. This gives us and our families a great opportunity to get to know each other over many phone call, emails, texts and visits. We get to know the their lifestyle while they get to learn and see how we breed, socialize and support our puppy families.
  3. Our Puppy Adoption Form is thoughtful and thorough. We have been told that no other breeders have a puppy questionnaire like ours, if they even have one. We are not here to just breed and sell Chinese Crested and Mi Ki puppies to anyone who comes along.
  4. We invite all pre-qualified families to drive or fly in to visit us and our puppies even before puppies are even available. Many families have flown in to visit us. Any family living within a reasonable drive from our home must come and visit us.
  5. We only accept a deposit after we receive a completed Puppy Adoption Form, Tim and I have spoken with the family, they have been invited to visit and the family feels completely confident in us to want to give us a deposit. We never pressure for a deposit. We don’t have to.
  6. We give an 8 year genetic health guarantee with our puppies. No other Chinese Crested or Mi Ki breeder offers this, never mind any other breeds.
  7. We only free stack out puppies (we do not hold them in place while taking pictures). We do not photo shop our pictures. What you see is what you get since we do not retouch our pictures. Our ideal doll faced Chinese Cresteds and teddy bear faced Mi Kis are naturally that way. Yes, those pictures of micro sized Maltese, Yorkies, Chihuahua, Poodles, Shih Tzu… with the super dark and huge bubble heads and bubble eyes are photo shopped and made to look that way.
  8. We take bi monthly pictures of our puppies next to a wine bottle, water bottle or in Tim’s hand (he is 5′ 8″) to show their size. This way families can see their size for their age in comparison to everyday objects we all know. We take more pictures than any other breeder out there.
  9. We are the only breeders to provide detailed puppy development, from birth to opening their eyes and other mile markers.
  10. Our puppies are out of breed specific health tested parents who are chosen for specific traits.
  11. All our puppies are born at home, welcomed into the world.
  12. We have a passion for what we do as a family: husband, wife and children. We incorporate our children and friends in assisting us in socializing our puppies. Our puppies are socialized to everyday house noises. They are socialized with cats too. Puppies raised in a home with young children and social cats have a very different early life experience than those raise by a single breeder, a puppy mill or pet shop.
  13. We recommend or offer a full line of items that work for your puppy. We know what works for the smallest sized puppies and dogs: tiniest collars and harnesses to airline approved puppy carriers. Luxury clothes and other accessories will be offered soon by Dog and Diva.
  14. Our puppies are fed the very best quality (human grade) and complete nutrition out there. It has been approved by our veterinarian and we know you will be as impressed as our Mythic Kingdom Puppy Parents.
  15. We invite families to visit us and our puppies as often as they like to get to know us or to visit their puppies. We don’t meet you at some random location so you can buy a puppy.
  16. We are the only Chinese Crested breeder who do not ship puppies in cargo. PLEASE ask other breeders to stop doing this. All our puppies must be picked up in person. Or our Puppy Nanny will care for the puppy in cabin to your airport. We also arrange for a Puppy Chauffeur to drive a puppy to your home. Our puppies never travel alone.
  17. We offer more information on our loved breeds and general puppy information. We have become a resource for families with small breed dogs and have built our outstanding reputations on our knowledge.
  18. It is our life’s passion to offer these stunning, sweet, smart and miniature sized puppies. It is our goal to treat each of our puppy families like royalty. We love our puppies and Mythic Kingdom Puppy Parents! It is evident from our outstanding references from families who have adopted their 1st or their 3rd puppy from us!

It is very clear to the families who have driven or flown in that we are very different than all other breeders. They know we go way beyond the norm. We have been told by our families that we are outstanding Chinese Crested and Mi Ki breeders. They see how much we do for our puppies and the level of service we provide to our puppy families. They say our puppies are beautiful, healthy and super socialized. And yes, our puppies are so much smaller in person than in the pictures. The families who love our puppies know we are committed to breeding healthy and loving puppies as well as breeding for the smaller size and stunning good looks. They thank us for doing health testings and doing such a great job socializing and screening families. Our puppies are not cheap but they feel it is well worth adopting a puppy from us versus buying a Chinese Crested or Mi Ki puppy from a back yard breeder or big show breeder out to produce the next champion or a pet shop breeder. That is why we have earned the reputation as outstanding breeders who love, love, love our puppies as seen by the great referrals families have generously wrote in after they bought a puppy from us. Their on going experience with us has been so positive that they are willing to give exceptional referrals. Are we a different breed of breeders? YES WE ARE!

We know it’s a lot to read and look at all the pictures but please do take the time. Our goal is to share the love of our two very special breeds with others by providing information based on our experience, research and knowledge passed on to us from the very few outstanding breeders who have been so great to share what they know. It is here to educate our puppy families. The more you know, the better it is for you, our puppies and us.

Contact us if you have any questions about our beautiful, tiny and healthy puppies after your visit. After you have read the information on our site and other sites, called other breeders and you like what we do here at Mythic Kingdom, please fill out a Puppy Adoption Form. Also, please read the Q&A page prior to contacting us as 99% of questions are already addressed. This way, we can focus on getting to know each other and address your particular questions, need and wants.

Our goal is to treat you with the same five star royal service we give to our puppies and our Mythic Kingdom Puppy Families.

Our passion: Breeding the smallest sized Chinese Crested puppies, blue eyed and odd eyed Chinese Crested puppies in the world, as well as the rare breed of tiniest Mi Ki puppies out of health tested parents. To go above and beyond what other breeders do by treating each puppy and our valued puppy families like royalty.

Our mission: Share the love of Mi Ki puppies and hairless and powderpuff Chinese Crested puppies with you.

“I don’t like to use the word ‘legacy’ because it sounds a bit like I’m full of myself, but I am trying to see how far I can take myself, how far I can push being the best in the world.”
Jason Day

Comments (11)

  • CrushingOnCtestedd . November 4, 2017 .

    It can be hit or miss with dog bteeders but these breeders really seem to love their dogs, and are incredibly knowledgeable! I have learned so much about the breed that I am devoted to. The dog world needs others to be this conscientious.

  • Evanngelina09runs . November 2, 2017 .

    We are so blessed to have been able to get our 3 1/2 pound Eva Marie and 5 pound Elvis from Mythic Kingdom. Our tiny girl is now 6 yrs and Elvis is 2 yrs. We have been and will always be Crested parents. We have been blessed to have loved many during the course of our marriage but the puppies from Mythic has surpassed any we have or have ever had. Not just due to the fact that their Cresteds are so tiny but they are so healthy and wonderfully socialized. Our vet is so impressed with the overall health of their Cresteds. Tim and Chris are just the best breeders.

  • Josh . June 2, 2017 .

    They are by far the best puppy breeders we have ever bought a puppy from. Knowedgable, caring, and ethical. Our Blu Belle is even better than we had hoped for with flawless skin, dynamite personality, and perfect health all in a miniature size. Yes she is full grown at under 4 pounds. We had thought all Cresteds were the size of our Rosie who is 15 pounds. Every Crested we have ever lived or met were around her size so we are over the moon with our little Blu Belle. If you are fortunate to get a Crested from them, then you know what we’re saying. They charge more but the quality of their puppy is that much better. God brought us to Mythic Kingdom so Blu Belle would be our baby. Again, we are forever thankful to Christina, Tim and their kids.

  • Shake n Bake 12381 . May 16, 2017 .

    I enjoy reading through your article. Keep it up.

  • family . May 7, 2017 .

    Nice work

  • A Gold . February 4, 2017 .

    I love your website! Thank you.

  • Lamda S. . January 21, 2017 .


  • bbkingfan . January 7, 2017 .

    Excellent breeders!

  • Emeom S . October 6, 2016 .

    Amazing work the four of you do with your puppies.

  • Missy Chrissy . August 23, 2016 .

    Wonderful work. Thank you for being so great at what you do!!!

  • Tao Parents . March 25, 2016 .

    Highly recommend Mythic Kingdom. We had just the best experience with them. Six stars.

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